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What is BitWhite?

BitWhite is an efficient, flexible, and safe decentralized application platform designed to lower the threshold for developers. Using JavaScript as the programming language and relational database to store data, BitWhite is increasing the similarities between developing a DAPP and a traditional web application.

BitWhite is open in design and can be customized for many uses including finance, document storage, and copyright certificates. The APIs are underlying and abstract, and they can be combined freely to achieve a variety of applications. BitWhite has implemented an inherited and enhanced the DPOS algorithm, greatly reducing the probability of forking and risk of double spending. BitWhite's side chain, i.e. the application mode, not only delays the expansion of the blockchain but also makes DAPPs more flexible and personalized. BitWhite is a forward-looking, low-cost and one-stop application solution.


Registration and settlement mechanisms of digital assets are complete with a standardized procedure, clear transaction records and transparent settlements.

Sidechain architecture

The advantage of adopting sidechain infrastructure is data independency, which does not burden the main chain with data inflation. It is a natural partition mechanism. Also, the sidechain platform accomplishes flexibility for blockchain parameters, customization including block interval, transaction fee and rewards.

Byzantine fault tolerance

BitWhite system can tolerate up to 1/3 node failure simultaneously, as long as there is no such situation like majority of delegates cooperatively cheating or a large wide range of delegates being hacked ensuring all transactions and blocks are non-rollbackable, Fast transaction confirmations are guaranteed as 2 confirmations are typically required to meet the basic secure requirement.

Secure Sandbox

It is possible to install more than one sidechain subsystem on each BitWhite node without the need to verify credentials of sidechain developer. To achieve this aim, a security mechanism is necessary. This is provided by the sandbox mechanism. This mechanism guarantees the security of the owner's information without compromising the security or operation of the node server.

DApp Store

Applications submitted by developers will be registered in the main chain, and are available for users to browse and implement with their main chain wallet. An application will not be utilized until it is downloaded and installed by delegates, therefore delegates will be able to charge a certain maintenance fee, or collect a transaction fee as a witness of this application.

Decentralised voting

Currently witnesses of block production are generated by a voting system built in the main chain. BitWhite system will adjust the decentralisation level of the whole network according to the number of witnesses and potential of power attacks, therefore ensuring mining pool centralisation issues can be prevented.

Developer Friendly

BitWhite system provides a series of application templates and SDK's enabling rapid development of multiple applications. With help of Node.js as development runtime and RDBMS as blockchain data storage, traditional WebApp developers are also able to easily implement DAPP development techniques.